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Exercise your right to blog. Inspire and be inspired. Sit down with a cup of your favorite brew; feast your eyes on stuff you won't find on the front page, the local news, or the coffee table in your doctor's office. And do contribute.

The Vaccine Diaries–what’s being injected? (Part 3)

I’ve always thought it odd that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) co-exists as a regulatory department protecting us from harm. But hey, it’s not uncommon these days to see a Pizza Hut commercial followed by another one espousing Lipitor or Viagra. Since our government subsidizes the food industry so that food can be produced cheaply, abundantly and oh, so tasty, (how do you spell GMO, MSG, corn syrup, etc?), well it all starts to make sense. If this subject intrigues you, visit my blog about Health Care Reform and read Michael Pollan’s article about Agribusiness. 

In fact, some “food” is injected into these vaccines, and in some cases, aborted human fetal cells. If you’re considering getting this vaccine, consider the benefits vs risks of injecting these neurotoxins and poisons into your system vs committing to a healthier lifestyle and safe alternatives that help your immune system as well as dealing with a flu or virus once it gets into your system. See “The Vaccine Diaries” (Part 2). These toxic mixtures, when injected, bypass the body’s built in filters (cilia, tonsils, skin).

Ingredients found in the typical flu vaccine are:

  • Ethylene Glycol: same as what your car uses for antifreeze.
  • Carbolic Acid: very toxic, caustic poison.
  • Mercury: Extremely toxic heavy metal that destroys brain, nerve and immune cells, used as a preservative called “thimerosol”; linked to many childhood brain and nerve diseases, including autism.
  • Aluminum: linked to Altzheimer’s disease, seizures, and cancer.
  • Formaldehyde
  • Phenol 

In the Live, Attenuated Influenza Vaccine (LAIV) nasal spray

  •  Egg (ok if you’re not allergic)
  •  MSG (monosodium glutamate): potential long term neurodegenerative effects
  •  Arginine: an amino acid 
  •  Gentamicin: an antibiotic that may cause damage to the kidneys and nerves  
  •  Gelatin: collagen protein derived from animal skin and bones

        Some folks are concerned about future forced vaccinations which is difficult (for me) to imagine. Here’s a link to Dr. Blaylock’s 15 things you can do if you’re forced to take a flu shot. The comment section is an interesting read, as well. 

         Part 4 of “The Vaccine Diaries” will list several resources: books, websites and DVD’s that you can purchase or borrow to educate yourself, your family and friends about vaccinations.  






The Vaccine Diaries–Alternatives for Flu Prevention (Part 2)

That’s Prevention, with a capital P. You know, if you just look around a little bit, there’s quite alot of information and suggestions for preventing the dreaded flu. In my field, we focus on prevention and lifestyle, using herbal formulas, supplements, diet, acupuncture, moxibustion and specific exercises to help build and maintain the immune, respiratory and digestive systems. However, if you do get a cold or flu, there are a variety of approaches, depending on your condition, to help you recover as painlessly and quickly as possible. 

Bear in mind this list is not exhaustive nor prescriptive. If you do anything radically different from YOUR norm, expect a radical response, sometimes known as a “healing crisis”.


  • It’s very simple actually: low fat, low sugar, low alcohol, low dairy, low animal protein, unrefined, whole fresh foods, complex carbs, ingest little that comes from a box or can. 
  • Avoid seafood containing mercury. 
  • Avoid these oils which suppress immunity and increase inflammation: corn, safflower, sunflower, soybean, canola, and peanut oil.
  • Eat at least 2 servings of COARSE, leafy green vegetables (kale, mustard, chard, beet, etc.). Spinach and lettuce don’t count. 
  • Eat garlic, radish and onions.
  • Peppermint (cooling) or cinnamon tea (warming).

Lifestyle suggestions:

  • Get plenty of sleep, exercise, meditation/reflection, and play, balanced with your work demands.
  • Give and receive love daily. 
  • Reduce stress, remember to breathe and smell the roses.
  • Receive regular massage, take a yoga or chi gong class, spend time in nature.


  • Astragalus, Atractylodes, Cordyceps, Ganoderma, Reishi, Andrographis, Elderberry and more
  • I recommend Chinese herbal formulas such as Immune Plus or Jade Windscreen, because of their immune enhancing properties, anti cancer activity, bacteria growth inhibiting factors, and natural, safe boosting of energy and vitality.


  • Vitamin D3 : protects against microorganism invasion, boosts your immune response, also helps build bones and teeth, and studies showing cancer prevention. 
  • Calcium Lactate: anti fever and builds bones
  • Vitamins: A, B, C, E, and Zinc
  • Chlorella or Blue Green Algae: 1 tablespoon a day helps to detox heavy metals and mercury

In the event that you come down with any kind of flu or cold, consider taking the following. A word of caution, depending on your state of health, a flu can progress quickly and deeply and these may not be the appropriate herbs/homeopathics of choice. Consult a qualified health care practitioner. 

  • Yin Chiao San or Lonicera Complex: anti viral, exterior releasing, toxin clearing
  • Cold Quell or Minor Bupleurum Formula: boosts your immune sx while expelling the pathogen
  • Oscillococcinum: helps reduce the severity and shorten the duration of flu symptoms, including H1N1. 
  • Influenzinum 30C:  homeopathic flu remedy
  • Drink lots of fluids, esp. water to help flush your system.

You can find many of  these products at local health food stores, White Crane Herbal Pharmacy, People’s Pharmacy, and of course, Dr. Pea’s Active Health Center. 

I hope that you enjoy great health this holiday season, enjoy a few indulgences, and commit to a lifestyle that brings more energy and vitality to your day to day.


Uber Fresh & Healthy Eats in Austin

Is it possible to eat healthy, affordably (under $10) and the food still taste great? I say, emphatically, “YES!” While I advocate cooking and eating at home, if you’re meeting friends, coworkers, and/or time is short, choose a place that doesn’t empty your wallet, stagnate your belly, raise your blood pressure or spike your blood sugar. Send me your suggestions and if it meets the criteria of fresh, tasty, and maybe some organic choices, I’ll add it to my TOP 10 – 15 Uber Fresh & Healthy in Austin. 

East Side Cafe

Casa de Luz   

Mother’s Cafe

Blue Dahlia Cafe


Food4Fitness Cafe

Baby Greens

Wheatsville Coop

Terra Burger

Zen Japanese Fast Food

Whole Foods Salad Bar

Bouldin Creek Cafe


The Vaccine Diaries…should I or shouldn’t I? (Part 1)

It seems that we’ve collectively forgotten that our bodies were designed with built in immune systems and that getting ill is an opportunity for our bodies to burn off  invading pathogens and develop antibodies to future encounters. I am often perplexed and unimpressed with our cultural perception of health and what we accept as good health. I just read an article in the NY Times about a young pregnant woman whose baby died as she fought the flu over a period of several months. The author stated that other than smoking cigarettes, she was healthy! Most of this pregnant woman’s complications had to do with her lungs. Made me seriously question other habits this woman might have that impact both her short term and long term health. So, if you’re a regular 1/2- 2  pack a day smoker, you’ve downgraded your lungs and respiratory system, the first line of defense against viruses and pathogens. Perhaps chronic smokers should get the flu vaccines until emphysema or some  form of cancer sets in. 

Children are vulnerable, some more so than others, because they develop their immune systems over time. The elderly, well, we all know some elderly folks who are pretty vibrant and could outlast us on the dance floor and we know some that aren’t in such great health. 

I’d like to share a recent story from a colleague whose brother works at a prison. Many of the staff were coming down with the flu. My colleague’s brother offered his coworkers a Chinese herbal formula for dealing with pathogenic toxic heat. Those that took the formula were out for a few days. Those that didn’t, suffered for 2 – 3 weeks. This wasn’t a scientific study, however, I don’t need scientific data to convince me that herbal formulas, developed over thousands of years to deal with flus, colds and epidemics, have merit in prevention, recovery, and saving a few lives. 

While good health is not necessarily a condition of age or genetics (~4%), there is a natural progressive decline of physical function as we age. While there is unavoidable wear and tear, diet, exercise, proper rest, attitude and some luck will play an important role in the body’s ability to defend itself from all sorts of health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. Eventually, we all will die from something for some reason and it will forever remain a mystery. If you and I emphasize quality of life over quantity (eg. how long can I live on a respirator or drugs), perhaps the hyperconcern over swine, bird, and frog flu will turn into folk tales that we will laugh about with our grandchildren. 

At Dr. Pea’s, we carry  a number of herbal formulas that strengthen your organs and immune system to function more optimally. If you do become ill, herbal formulas are prescribed that will help your body fight the pathogens, reduce inflammation, and move you through the process much more quickly.  In another blog, I will share some alternatives to the vaccines (Part 2) and what’s in those vaccines and what to do if you choose to get the vaccines.(Part 3)


Why Acupuncture Works–for the curious and skeptical

“New groundbreaking research shows that the insertion of an acupuncture needle into the skin disrupts the branching point of nerves called C fibres. These C fibres transmit low-grade sensory information over very long distances by using Merkel cells as intermediaries”. 

“Russian researchers in 1991 at The Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine, in a research project lasting several years, discovered how the human body conducts light. They found that the light conducting ability of the human body exists only along the meridians, and can enter and exit only along the acupuncture points.”

(There is much more in this article that demonstrates why acupuncture is effective and how research can expound further given the technology available.)