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About Us

Oriental Medicine
Herbal and Nutritional Medicine
Play With Your Food!
Speaking and Consulting
Therapeutic Massage
Chi Gong Classes
Wellness Coaching

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Oriental Medicine

Oriental Medicine is an ancient medicine with modern applications. Rooted in the understanding and use of energy or “chi”, this medicine cultivates wholeness by regulating your blood, chi and organs, optimizing function, and seeking to cure the root of all disease. The main tools of Oriental Medicine include acupuncture, nutrition, herbal medicine, Asian bodywork, Chi Gong, moxibustion, cupping, and some lifestyle recommendations. More and more people are using Oriental Medicine as their primary health care or in concert with Western medicine to deal with acute and chronic conditions or simply to maintain overall wellness.

At your initial visit, we’ll review your health history along with a thorough exam, pulse and tongue diagnosis, and discuss your goals. During your 1st or 2nd visit, we’ll include an Acugraph® Meridian Imaging test which measures the amount of “chi” in each of your “meridians”. We usually schedule 4 – 6 follow up sessions where I’ll closely observe your response to treatment, herbs, dietary suggestions and other recommendations. I’ll then suggest a treatment plan to help relieve your symptoms and correct the imbalances that led to your health issue(s).

“Dr Tawada’s acupuncture treatments the past 3 years have effectively cured me of my insomnia, anxiety, and other stress related disorders without the need for medication. During my pregnancy, she was able to help me with carpal tunnel pain and a rash the doctors said would only go away with delivery. In each instance, I found relief that had eluded me. Dr. Tawada is a standout in her field and I am so thankful to have found her.” Virginia Greenway, Atty at Law


Disease and illness occurs when an organ or area of the body is blocked or deprived of blood or vital energy (known as “chi”). By placing very fine, sterilized and disposable needles into various acupoints on the body, acupuncture helps to regulate and restore balance by contacting and directing the flow of energy between vital organs and along channels in the body known as meridians. There are several hundred points on the body with specific functions, that restore the flow of blood and energy so that your organ function and health are optimized. “Healing reactions” may occur, allowing stored pain, emotions, trauma, memories, or latent pathogens to be released.

Herbal and Supplemental Medicine

Chinese herbal formulas have been used for thousands of years to treat and help millions of people suffering from the common cold to allergies and the flu, digestive disorders, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, painful or difficult menses, perimenopausal symptoms, and more. Unlike drugs, these formulas have little to no side effects and can relieve your symptoms while working to strengthen your organs, blood and chi.

Herbal formulas are typically composed of 6 – 12 plants and minerals and in some cases, insect and animal parts. The effects of some formulas may be felt immediately while others work deeply and subtly over time. We use herbal products that are tested regularly for quality, toxicity, and potency.

Whole food supplements and phytonutrients, such as trace minerals, iodine, amino acids, probiotics, and digestive enzymes may be recommended to maintain adequate nutrition for your body’s cells and functioning: during pregnancy, chronic illness, recovering from surgery or toxic exposure, undue stress or poor nutrition. Safe detoxification and cleansing protocols may be recommended to deal with a particular health condition or as part of your overall health maintenance program.

Play With Your Food!


Food, for many of us, is a source of pleasure and nourishment. The adage “you are what you eat” contains a few “grains” of truth. There’s quite a bit of information, some contradictory and some unproven, about the benefits of many foods. Behind many so called “health food” claims, is a strong marketing campaign. Often we find out that a “healthy” food, eg. soy, is not healthy for everyone or all the time. It can seem very confusing to know what and how to eat. Rigid adherence or total disregard of “what goes in” can lead to similar results: indigestion, fatigue, and more serious health problems years later.

My suggestion…Play with your food! by learning to listen to and trust your body. Based on your constitution and any deficiencies or imbalances we may find, I’ll suggest ways to play with your food energetically, shamelessly and joyfully. If you’ve been ill, have a chronic ailment, want to lose or gain pounds, or simply wish to feel good, an individualized nutritional consultation will address many of your questions and guide you towards making choices that optimize your health and reverse disease without having to give up the foods you love.

Check the blog regularly as I will be posting articles and commentary in the Play With Your Food! section.

Speaking and Consulting

I speak with groups of 15 to 2000 on subjects ranging from Energy Medicine, Food as Medicine, Health Care Reform. I offer one-to-one and group field trips to local health food stores to help you integrate and embody your nutritional understanding. Interactive, experiential and lighthearted, my talks and classes are designed to engage all your senses and inspire new and informed choices.

“Dr. Tawada breathes life into ordinary subjects. Her approach is fresh, beautiful and interactive. Informative, yet humorous. I am always compelled to hear more. She has enlightened me on how to be in charge of my decisions in a non judgemental way. Thanks, Dr. Tawada, for the invaluable lessons.” G. Dsouza, Interior Designer and Acupuncture student

Therapeutic Massage

Dr Pea’s offers Asian bodywork therapy (acupressure and tuina) and Western massage (deep tissue, myofascial release, Swedish and relaxation). 10-15 minutes of bodywork is often included during your acupuncture session when appropriate. Each method has specific merits and indications. Outcall massage within the Austin city limits is available with advance notice. Call us with any question or help with choosing a style that will best suit you.

Chi Gong

Explore the ancient practice of Chi Gong (or Chi cultivation) using the breath, simple movements, and intention of mind to increase and improve the flow of vital energy (chi) throughout your body. Regular Chi Gong practice can produce noticeable health benefits and current research has documented it’s effects on health problems such as high blood pressure, insomnia, digestive problems and immune deficiencies.

Since you will more than likely be living and working well into your “golden years”, include Chi Gong as part of your longevity and wellness plan.

As a student and practitioner of movement and martial arts for more than 30 years, I thoroughly enjoy sharing this practice which is immediately beneficial and easily learned, regardless of age or abilities. I hold a first degree black belt in Aikido.

“I value Qi Gong for its slow, centered approach to movement, partly because that is something I feel I don’t connect with enough in my daily life, yet often crave.” Casey Bledsoe

“After just one week of practicing Qi Gong with Dr. Tawada, I saw my oncologist and my T-cell count doubled.” M.C. Cancer Survivor

Wellness Coaching

I offer coaching sessions on a one time basis or longer periods of 3 -12 months. I bring over 25 years of training, practice and education to assist you in gaining clarity and control over habitual and often destructive patterns that may be blocking you from living an authentic, full life.

“Working with Paddy is truly a mind-body-spirit experience characterized by gentle nurturance and profound wisdom. I came to Paddy looking for help with weight loss after failing repeatedly with various programs. Almost immediately my cravings disappeared and I found the vitality, clarity, and enthusiasm for life that had eluded me for years. On a deeper level, a surprising inner shift has occurred replacing my old feelings of frustration and discouragement with confidence and strength. I am deeply grateful.” Clare Grace, MBA

“Paddy is gentle, non judgemental and insightful in her suggestions and coaching. The impact was very liberating and quite different than what I thought would happen with coaching….this has been one of the greatest things I have ever experienced and I am very grateful.” Sabina O’Laughlin, MD.